31-1018. Preparation of flood hazard data and maps; department; duties; considerations.

In determining areas of the state for which state-prepared flood hazard data and maps are needed by local governments or by state or federal agencies and the order in which such data and maps are to be prepared, the department shall consider the following factors in such areas:

(1) Potential for future development;

(2) Potential for flood damage or loss of life;

(3) Probability that adequate data and maps will be prepared within a reasonable time by other sources;

(4) Availability and adequacy of any existing maps;

(5) Availability of flood data and other information necessary to produce adequate maps; and

(6) Degree of interest shown by the local governments in the area in utilizing flood data and maps in an effective flood plain management program.

Flood area data and maps produced by the department may be provided either directly to the local government which has jurisdiction over such area or indirectly through the national flood insurance program if the department and the federal agency responsible for administering the national flood insurance program agree to such an arrangement. Such maps shall delineate the flood plain of the base flood and, when information is available, the floodway and flood fringe of such flood plain. Such maps shall also contain or be accompanied by such other information as the department deems appropriate.

Source:Laws 1983, LB 35, § 18; Laws 1993, LB 626, § 5; Laws 2000, LB 900, § 79.