30-709. Jurisdiction; venue; court rules; notice; appeal; retention of jurisdiction.

(1) Jurisdiction under sections 30-701 to 30-713 applies to any resident who is in this state or for whom the provisions of the Nebraska Uniform Adult Guardianship and Protective Proceedings Jurisdiction Act vests authority over such resident in the courts of this state in a guardianship.

(2) Venue shall be determined pursuant to sections 30-703 and 30-2212.

(3) The Supreme Court shall have the authority pursuant to section 30-2213 to establish rules to carry into effect the provisions of sections 30-701 to 30-713.

(4) The notice provisions of section 30-2220 shall apply to a proceeding under sections 30-701 to 30-713.

(5) When final orders relating to proceedings under sections 30-701 to 30-713 are on appeal and such appeal is pending, the court that issued such orders shall retain jurisdiction to provide for such orders regarding visitation or other access or to prevent irreparable harm during the pendency of such appeal or other appropriate orders in aid of the appeal process. Such orders shall not be construed to prejudice any party on appeal.

Source:Laws 2018, LB845, ยง 9.

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