30-514. Disclosure of digital assets to conservator of protected person.

(a) After an opportunity for a hearing under section 30-2636, the court may grant a conservator access to the digital assets of a protected person.

(b) Unless otherwise ordered by the court or directed by the user, a custodian shall disclose to a conservator the catalogue of electronic communications sent or received by a protected person and any digital assets, other than the content of electronic communications, in which the protected person has a right or interest if the conservator gives the custodian:

(1) a written request for disclosure in physical or electronic form;

(2) a certified copy of the court order that gives the conservator authority over the digital assets of the protected person; and

(3) if requested by the custodian:

(A) a number, username, address, or other unique subscriber or account identifier assigned by the custodian to identify the account of the protected person; or

(B) evidence linking the account to the protected person.

(c) A conservator with general authority to manage the assets of a protected person may request a custodian of the digital assets of the protected person to suspend or terminate an account of the protected person for good cause. A request made under this section must be accompanied by a certified copy of the court order giving the conservator authority over the protected person’s property.

Source:Laws 2016, LB829, § 14.