30-4619. Capture doctrine: Disposition of ineffectively appointed property under general power.

To the extent a powerholder of a general power of appointment, other than a power to withdraw property from, revoke, or amend a trust, makes an ineffective appointment:

(1) the gift in default clause controls the disposition of the ineffectively appointed property; or

(2) if there is no gift in default clause or to the extent the clause is ineffective, the ineffectively appointed property:

(A) passes to:

(i) the powerholder if the powerholder is a permissible appointee and living; or

(ii) if the powerholder is an impermissible appointee or deceased, the powerholder's estate if the estate is a permissible appointee; or

(B) if there is no taker under subdivision (A) of this subdivision, passes under a reversionary interest to the donor or the donor's transferee or successor in interest.

Source:Laws 2021, LB501, ยง 42.