30-4109. Public Guardian; duties.

Consistent with the purposes and objectives of the Public Guardianship Act and in consultation with the council, the Public Guardian shall:

(1) Develop a uniform system of reporting and collecting statistical data regarding guardianships and conservatorships;

(2) Develop and adopt a standard of practice and code of ethics for public guardianship and public conservatorship;

(3) Prepare a biennial budget for the implementation of the act;

(4) Develop guidelines for a sliding scale of fees to be charged for public guardianship and public conservatorship services;

(5) Maintain, in conjunction with private and other public resources, a curricula for training sessions to be made available for successor guardians and successor conservators and private guardians and private conservators;

(6) Maintain training programs available statewide to offer the training curricula for interested parties to include:

(a) Helping a guardian understand his or her ward's disabilities and a conservator understand his or her fiduciary duties with respect to his or her protected person;

(b) Helping a guardian encourage increased independence on the part of his or her ward, as appropriate;

(c) Helping a guardian with the preparation and revision of guardianship plans and reports and a conservator with the preparation and revision of accountings; and

(d) Advising a guardian or conservator on ways to secure rights, benefits, and services to which his or her ward or protected person is entitled;

(7) Promote public awareness of guardianship and conservatorship, the responsibilities attached, and the need for more private guardians and private conservators; and

(8) Apply for and receive funds from public and private sources for carrying out the purposes and obligations of the act.

Source:Laws 2014, LB920, ยง 9.