30-4105. Office of Public Guardian; duties.

The office:

(1) Shall provide immediate response when a guardian or conservator is needed in an emergency situation;

(2) Shall provide an option upon the resignation, removal, or discharge of a guardian or conservator so that there is no lapse in service to the ward or protected person;

(3) Shall provide equal access and protection for all individuals in need of guardianship or conservatorship services;

(4) Shall promote or provide public education to increase the awareness of the duties of guardians and conservators and encourage more people to serve as private guardians or private conservators;

(5) Shall recruit members of the general public or family members to serve as guardians or conservators and provide adequate training and support to enhance their success;

(6) Shall act as a resource to persons already serving as guardians or conservators for education, information, and support;

(7) Shall safeguard the rights of individuals by exploring all options available to support individuals in the least restrictive manner possible and seek full guardianship only as a last resort; and

(8) Shall model the highest standard of practice for guardians and conservators to improve the performance of all guardians and conservators in the state.

Source:Laws 2014, LB920, ยง 5.