30-3814. Subject-matter jurisdiction.

(a) To the full extent permitted by the Constitution of Nebraska, the county court has jurisdiction over all subject matter relating to trusts.

(b) The county court has full power to make orders, judgments, and decrees and take all other action necessary and proper to administer justice in the matters which come before it.

(c) Each proceeding before the court is independent of any other proceeding involving the same trust.

(d) Petitions for formal orders of the court may combine various requests for relief in a single proceeding if the orders sought may be finally granted without delay. Except as required for proceedings which are particularly described by other sections of the Nebraska Uniform Trust Code, no petition is defective because it fails to embrace all matters which might then be the subject of a final order.

(e) A proceeding for appointment of a trustee is concluded by an order making or declining the appointment.

(f) For purposes of this section, "proceeding" includes action at law and suit in equity.

Source:Laws 2003, LB 130, ยง 14.