30-3423. Attorney in fact; attending physician; health care provider; immunity.

(1) An attorney in fact shall not be guilty of any criminal offense, subject to any civil liability, or in violation of any professional oath or code of ethics or conduct for any action taken in good faith pursuant to a power of attorney for health care or an advance mental health care directive under the Advance Mental Health Care Directives Act.

(2) No attending physician or health care provider acting or declining to act in reliance upon the decision made by a person whom the attending physician or health care provider in good faith believes is the attorney in fact for health care shall be subject to criminal prosecution, civil liability, or professional disciplinary action. Nothing in sections 30-3401 to 30-3432, however, shall limit the liability of an attending physician or health care provider for a negligent act or omission in connection with the medical diagnosis, treatment, or care of the principal.

Source:Laws 1992, LB 696, § 23; Laws 1993, LB 782, § 27; Laws 2020, LB247, § 20.

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