30-2715.01. Vehicle or motorboat; transfer on death; certificate of title.

(1) Subject to section 30-2333, a person who owns any of the following for which a certificate of title may be issued pursuant to the Motor Vehicle Certificate of Title Act or the State Boat Act may use a transfer-on-death certificate of title as prescribed in this section: A vehicle or a motorboat. Such person may provide for the transfer of such property upon his or her death or the death of the last survivor of a joint tenancy with right of survivorship by including in the certificate of title a designation of beneficiary or beneficiaries to whom such property will be transferred on the death of the owner or the last survivor, subject to the rights of all lienholders, whether created before, simultaneously with, or after the creation of the transfer-on-death interest. A trust may be the beneficiary of a transfer-on-death certificate of title. The certificate of title shall include the name of the owner, the name of any tenant-in-common owner or the name of any joint-tenant-with-right-of-survivorship owner, followed in substance by the words transfer on death to (name of beneficiary or beneficiaries or name of trustee if a trust is to be the beneficiary). The abbreviation TOD may be used instead of the words transfer on death to.

(2) A transfer-on-death beneficiary shall have no interest in such property until the death of the owner or the last survivor of the joint-tenant-with-right-of-survivorship owners. A beneficiary designation may be changed at any time by the owner or by the joint-tenant-with-right-of-survivorship owners then surviving without the consent of any beneficiary by filing an application for a subsequent certificate of title.

(3) Ownership of property which has a designation of beneficiary as provided in subsection (1) of this section and for which an application for a subsequent certificate of title has not been filed shall vest in the designated beneficiary or beneficiaries on the death of the owner or the last of the joint-tenant-with-right-of-survivorship owners, subject to the rights of all lienholders.

Source:Laws 2010, LB712, § 23; Laws 2017, LB517, § 4; Laws 2022, LB750, § 1.
Operative Date: July 21, 2022

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