30-2483. Notice to creditors.

(a) Unless notice has already been given under this article and except when an appointment of a personal representative is made pursuant to subdivision (4) of section 30-2408, the clerk of the court upon the appointment of a personal representative shall publish a notice once a week for three successive weeks in a newspaper of general circulation in the county announcing the appointment and the address of the personal representative, and notifying creditors of the estate to present their claims within two months after the date of the first publication of the notice or be forever barred. The first publication shall be made within thirty days after the appointment. The party instituting or maintaining the proceeding or his or her attorney is required to mail the published notice and give proof thereof in accordance with section 25-520.01.

(b) If the decedent was fifty-five years of age or older or resided in a medical institution as defined in subsection (1) of section 68-919, the notice shall also be provided to the Department of Health and Human Services with the decedent's social security number and, if the decedent was predeceased by a spouse, the name and social security number of such spouse. The notice shall be provided to the department in a delivery manner and at an address designated by the department, which manner may include email. The department shall post the acceptable manner of delivering notice on its website. Any notice that fails to conform with such manner is void.

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