30-2451. Termination of appointment; general.

Termination of appointment of a personal representative occurs as indicated in sections 30-2452 to 30-2455. Termination ends the right and power pertaining to the office of personal representative as conferred by this code or any will, except that a personal representative, at any time prior to distribution or until restrained or enjoined by court order, may perform acts necessary to protect the estate and may deliver the assets to a successor representative. Termination does not discharge a personal representative from liability for transactions or omissions occurring before termination, or relieve him of the duty to preserve assets subject to his control, to account therefor and to deliver the assets. Termination does not affect the jurisdiction of the court over the personal representative, but terminates his authority to represent the estate in any pending or future proceeding.

Source:Laws 1974, LB 354, § 129, UPC § 3-608.