30-2447. Bond amount; security; procedure; reduction.

(a) In informal proceedings, if bond is required under section 30-2446 and the provisions of the will or court order do not specify the amount, unless stated in his application or petition, the person qualifying shall file a statement under oath with the registrar indicating his best estimate of the value of the personal estate of the decedent and of the income expected from the personal and real estate during the next year, and he shall execute and file a bond with the registrar in an amount not less than the estimate. The registrar shall determine that the bond is duly executed by a corporate surety or with such individual sureties as the court shall direct or approve.

(b) In formal and informal proceedings, on application or petition of the personal representative or another interested person, the court may excuse a requirement of bond, increase or reduce the amount of the bond, release sureties, or permit the substitution of another bond with the same or different sureties.

Source:Laws 1974, LB 354, § 125, UPC § 3-604.