30-2429.01. Formal testacy proceedings; objection; informal probate; petition to set aside; transfer to district court; procedure; fees.

(1) If there is an objection to probate of a will or if a petition is filed to set aside an informal probate of a will or to prevent informal probate of a will which is the subject of a pending application, the county court shall continue the originally scheduled hearing for at least fourteen days from the date of the hearing. At any time prior to the continued hearing date any party may transfer the proceeding to determine whether the decedent left a valid will to the district court by filing with the county court a notice of transfer, depositing with the clerk of the county court a docket fee of the district court for cases originally commenced in district court, and paying to the clerk of the county court a fee of twenty dollars.

(2) Within ten days of the completion of the requirements of subsection (1) of this section, the clerk of the county court shall transmit to the clerk of the district court a certification of the case file and docket fee.

(3) Upon the filing of the certification as provided in subsection (2) of this section in the district court, such court shall have jurisdiction over the proceeding on the contest. Within thirty days of the filing of such certification, any party may file additional objections.

(4) The district court may order such additional pleadings as necessary and shall thereafter determine whether the decedent left a valid will. Trial shall be to a jury unless a jury is waived by all parties who have filed pleadings in the matter.

(5) The final decision and judgment in the matter transferred shall be certified to the county court, and proceedings shall be had thereon necessary to carry the final decision and judgment into execution.

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