Nebraska Revised Statute 30-24,118

Chapter 30


Liability of distributees to claimants.

After assets of an estate have been distributed and subject to section 30-24,120, an undischarged claim not barred may be prosecuted in a proceeding against one or more distributees. No distributee shall be liable to claimants for amounts in excess of the value of his distribution as of the time of distribution. As between distributees, each shall bear the cost of satisfaction of unbarred claims as if the claim had been satisfied in the course of administration. Any distributee who shall have failed to notify other distributees of the demand made upon him by the claimant in sufficient time to permit them to join in any proceeding in which the claim was asserted against him loses his right of contribution against other distributees.


  • Laws 1974, LB 354, § 196, UPC § 3-1004.