30-2315. Right of election personal to surviving spouse.

The right of election of the surviving spouse may be exercised only during his or her lifetime by him or her. In the case of a protected person, the right of election may be exercised only by order of the court in which protective proceedings as to his or her property are pending, after finding that exercise thereof in the fraction designated or proposed is in the best interests of the protected person during his or her probable life expectancy and of the children, family members, or other successors to the decedent or to the protected person, due regard being given by the court to the other assets and resources of the protected person, the extent and nature of any dependent, mutual, or otherwise related estate planning of the decedent and the protected person, the present and likely future financial impact upon the estate of the decedent, the protected person or the estate of the protected person, or such successors of any federal or state estate, excise, gift, income, inheritance, succession, or other tax consequent upon such exercise, and the existence or nonexistence of any other factors deemed by the court to be relevant to the exercise or nonexercise of the right of election.

Source:Laws 1974, LB 354, § 37, UPC § 2-203; Laws 1980, LB 694, § 5.