30-204. International will; other points of form.

(a) The signatures shall be placed at the end of the will. If the will consists of several sheets, each sheet will be signed by the testator or, if the testator is unable to sign, by the person signing on the testator's behalf or, if there is no such person, by the authorized person. In addition, each sheet shall be numbered.

(b) The date of the will shall be the date of its signature by the authorized person. That date shall be noted at the end of the will by the authorized person.

(c) The authorized person shall ask the testator whether the testator wishes to make a declaration concerning the safekeeping of the testator's will. If so and at the express request of the testator, the place where the testator intends to have the testator's will kept shall be mentioned in the certificate provided for in section 30-205.

(d) A will executed in compliance with section 30-203 is not invalid merely because it does not comply with this section.

Source:Laws 2020, LB966, ยง 4.