3-504.02. Airport authority; cities of primary class; development of commercial aviation; representation in commercial air service hearings; additional tax levy.

An airport authority may, and in cities of the primary class shall, in addition to the powers enumerated in section 3-504, encourage, foster, and promote the development of commercial and general aviation for the city which it serves, and advance the interests of such city in aeronautics and in commercial air transportation and its scheduling. An airport authority in cities of the primary class, under direction of the mayor, shall represent the interests of such city in commercial air service hearings, except that representation in the name of the city shall be only by the consent of such city. In cities of the primary class the city council may establish a fund for the purposes of this section by an annual levy of not to exceed three-tenths of one cent on each one hundred dollars which shall be levied and collected upon the same property and in addition to the levy provided in subdivision (12) of section 3-504. The levy in this section shall be subject to section 77-3443.

Source:Laws 1963, c. 16, § 1, p. 95; Laws 1979, LB 187, § 13; Laws 1997, LB 269, § 5.