3-501. Terms, defined.

As used in the Cities Airport Authorities Act, unless the context otherwise requires:

(1) Authority means an airport authority which shall be a body politic and corporate organized pursuant to section 3-502;

(2) City means any city or village of the State of Nebraska;

(3) Bonds means bonds issued by the authority pursuant to the provisions of the Cities Airport Authorities Act;

(4) Board means the members of the authority;

(5) Mayor and city council means, in the case of a village, the chairperson of the board of trustees and the board of trustees, respectively;

(6) Real property means lands, structures, and interests in land, including lands under water and riparian rights, and any and all things and rights usually included within the term real property, including not only fee simple absolute but also any and all lesser interests, such as easements, rights-of-way, uses, leases, licenses, and all other incorporeal hereditaments and every estate, interest, or right, legal or equitable, pertaining to real property; and

(7) Project means any airport operated by the authority, including all real and personal property, structures, machinery, equipment, and appurtenances or facilities which are part of such airport or used or useful in connection therewith either as ground facilities for the convenience of handling aviation equipment, passengers, and freight or as part of aviation operation, air navigation, and air safety operation.

Source:Laws 1957, c. 9, § 1, p. 110; Laws 2002, LB 446, § 5; Laws 2003, LB 5, § 2.