3-308. Zoning regulations; procedure for adoption; commission; appointment; preliminary report; public hearings; final report.

Prior to the initial zoning of any airport hazard area under the Airport Zoning Act, the political subdivision or joint airport zoning board which is to adopt the regulations shall appoint a commission, to be known as the airport zoning commission, to recommend the boundaries of the various zones to be established and the regulations to be adopted therefor. Such commission shall make a preliminary report and hold public hearings thereon before submitting its final report. The legislative body of the political subdivision or the joint airport zoning board shall not hold its public hearings or take other action until it has received the final report of such commission. If a city or county planning commission or a joint or interjurisdictional planning commission already exists, it may be appointed as the airport zoning commission.

Source:Laws 1945, c. 233, § 5(2), p. 685; Laws 2013, LB140, § 8.