3-201. Terms, defined.

For the purpose of the Revised Airports Act, unless specifically otherwise provided in the act, the definitions of words, terms, and phrases appearing in the State Aeronautics Act are hereby adopted. The following words, terms, and phrases shall in the Revised Airports Act have the meanings given in this section, unless otherwise specifically defined, or unless another intention clearly appears, or the context otherwise requires: (1) Municipality means any county, city, or village of this state or any city airport authority established pursuant to the Cities Airport Authorities Act and (2) airport purposes means and includes airport, restricted landing area, and other air navigation facility purposes.

Source:Laws 1945, c. 34, § 1, p. 156; Laws 1957, c. 9, § 13, p. 125; Laws 2003, LB 5, § 1; Laws 2017, LB339, § 55.

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