3-148. Aircraft fuel tax; Aircraft Fuel Tax Fund; created; distribution; terms, defined.

There is hereby imposed a tax of five cents per gallon upon aviation gasoline and a tax of three cents per gallon upon aviation jet fuel purchased for and used in aircraft within the State of Nebraska. Such aircraft tax shall be levied, collected, and refunded in the manner provided in Chapter 66, article 4, with reference to other motor fuel. The State Treasurer shall credit the aircraft tax and fees so collected and remitted to a special fund to be known as the Aircraft Fuel Tax Fund, which fund shall be distributed as provided in this section. The State Treasurer shall make all refunds as provided in sections 3-150 and 3-151 from the fund, and the balance of the aircraft tax shall be credited to the Aeronautics Cash Fund.

For purposes of this section, aviation gasoline means fuel used in aircraft meeting the criteria established for motor vehicle fuel in section 66-482. The terms aviation fuel and aircraft fuel as used in the statutes include both aviation gasoline and aviation jet fuel.

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