3-139. Division; certificate of approval, permit, or license; refuse to issue; notice; set forth reasons; inspection of premises.

If the division refuses to (1) issue a certificate of approval of a license or the renewal of a license for an airport, restricted landing area, or other air navigation facility or (2) permit the registration of any license, certificate, or permit, the division shall set forth its reasons therefor and shall state the requirements to be met before such approval will be given, registration permitted, license granted, or order modified or changed. Any order made by the division pursuant to the State Aeronautics Act shall be served upon the interested persons by either registered or certified mail or in person. To carry out the act, the director, officers, and employees of the division and any officers, state or municipal, charged with the duty of enforcing the act may inspect and examine at reasonable hours any premises, and the buildings and other structures thereon, where airports, restricted landing areas, flying clubs, or other air navigation facilities or aeronautical activities are operated or carried on.

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