29-2709. Uncollectible costs; certification; payment; conditions.

When any costs in misdemeanor, traffic, felony preliminary, or juvenile cases in county court, except for those costs provided for in subsection (3) of section 24-703, two dollars of the fee provided in section 33-107.01, the court automation fee provided in section 33-107.03, and the uniform data analysis fee provided in section 47-633, are found by a county judge to be uncollectible for any reason, including the dismissal of the case, such costs shall be deemed waived unless the judge, in his or her discretion, enters an order assessing such portion of the costs as by law would be paid over by the court to the State Treasurer as follows:

(1) In all cases brought by or with the consent of the county attorney, all such uncollectible costs shall be certified by the clerk of the court to the county clerk who shall present the bills therefor to the county board. The county board shall pay from the county general fund all such bills found by the board to be lawful; and

(2) In all cases brought under city or village ordinance, all such uncollectible costs shall be certified to the appropriate city or village officer authorized to receive claims who shall present the bills therefor to the governing body of the city or village in the same manner as other claims. Such governing body shall pay from the general fund of the city or village all such bills as are found to be lawful.

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