28-919. Tampering with witness or informant; jury tampering; penalty.

(1) A person commits the offense of tampering with a witness or informant if, believing that an official proceeding or investigation of a criminal or civil matter is pending or about to be instituted, he or she attempts to induce or otherwise cause a witness or informant to:

(a) Testify or inform falsely;

(b) Withhold any testimony, information, document, or thing;

(c) Elude legal process summoning him or her to testify or supply evidence; or

(d) Absent himself or herself from any proceeding or investigation to which he or she has been legally summoned.

(2) A person commits the offense of jury tampering if, with intent to influence a juror's vote, opinion, decision, or other action in a case, he or she attempts directly or indirectly to communicate with a juror other than as a part of the proceedings in the trial of the case.

(3) Tampering with witnesses or informants is a Class IV felony. Jury tampering is a Class IV felony.

Source:Laws 1977, LB 38, § 204; Laws 1994, LB 906, § 1.