28-352. Adult protective services, defined.

Adult protective services means those services provided by the department for the prevention, correction, or discontinuance of abuse, neglect, or exploitation. Such services shall be those necessary and appropriate under the circumstances to protect an abused, neglected, or exploited vulnerable adult, ensure that the least restrictive alternative is provided, prevent further abuse, neglect, or exploitation, and promote self-care and independent living. Such services shall include, but not be limited to: (1) Receiving and investigating reports of alleged abuse, neglect, or exploitation; (2) developing social service plans; (3) arranging for the provision of services such as medical care, mental health care, legal services, fiscal management, housing, or home health care; (4) arranging for the provision of items such as food, clothing, or shelter; and (5) arranging or coordinating services for caregivers.

Source:Laws 1988, LB 463, § 5; Laws 2012, LB1051, § 5.