25-705. Joinder; procedures; misjoinder.

(1) This section applies when an action involves multiple parties or more than one cause of action.

(2) A plaintiff or defendant need not be interested in obtaining or defending against all the relief demanded. Judgment may be given for one or more of the plaintiffs according to their respective rights to relief and against one or more of the defendants according to their respective liabilities.

(3) The court may make such orders as will prevent a party from being embarrassed, delayed, or put to expense by the inclusion of a party against whom the party asserts no claim and who asserts no claim against the party and may order separate trials or make other orders to prevent delay or prejudice.

(4) Persons other than those made parties to the original action may be made parties to a counterclaim or cross-claim in accordance with section 25-311 or 25-320.

(5) Misjoinder of parties is not ground for dismissal of an action. Parties may be dropped or added by order of the court on motion of any party or of its own initiative at any stage of the action and on such terms as are just. Any claim against a party may be severed and proceeded with separately.

Source:Laws 1998, LB 234, § 4; Laws 1999, LB 43, § 2; Laws 2000, LB 921, § 4.