25-410. Transfer of actions; clerk of transferor court; duties; clerk of transferee court; duties; certain support orders; how treated.

(1) For the convenience of the parties and witnesses or in the interest of justice, a district court of any county, the transferor court, may transfer any civil action to the district court of any other county in this state, the transferee court. The transfer may occur before or after the entry of judgment, and there shall be no additional fees required for the transfer.

(2) To transfer a civil action, the transferor court shall order transfer of the action to the specific transferee court requested. The clerk of the transferor court shall file with the transferee court within ten days after the entry of the transfer order: Certification of the proceedings; all original documents of the action; certification of the transcript of docket entries; and certification of the payment records of any judgment in the action maintained by the transferor court.

(3) Upon the filing of such documents by the clerk of the transferor court, the clerk of the transferee court shall enter any judgment in the action on the judgment record of the transferee court. The judgment, once filed and entered on the judgment record of the transferee court, shall be a lien on the property of the debtor in any county in which such judgment is filed. Transfer of the action shall not change the obligations of the parties under any judgment entered in the action regardless of the status of the transfer.

(4) If the transferred civil action involves a support order that has payment records maintained by the Title IV-D Division as defined in section 43-3341, the transferor court order shall notify the division to make the necessary changes in the support payment records. Support payments shall commence in the transferee court on the first day of the month following the order of transfer, payments made prior to such date shall be considered payment on a judgment entered by the transferor court, and payments made on and after such date shall be considered payment on a judgment entered by the transferee court.

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