25-2733. Appeals; district court; review record; disposition; costs.

(1) In all cases the district court shall review the case for error appearing on the record made in the county court. The district court shall render a judgment which may affirm, affirm but modify, or reverse the judgment or final order of the county court. If the district court reverses, it may enter judgment in accordance with its findings or remand the case to the county court for further proceedings consistent with the judgment of the district court. Within two judicial days after the decision of the district court becomes final, the clerk of the district court shall issue a mandate in appeals from the county court and transmit the mandate in appeals to the clerk of the county court on the form prescribed by the Supreme Court together with a copy of such decision.

(2) The ordering, preparing, signing, filing, correcting, and amending of the bill of exceptions shall be governed by the rules of practice prescribed by the Supreme Court.

(3) The judgment of the district court shall vacate the judgment in the county court. The taxation of costs in the district court shall include the costs in the county court. If a judgment of the county court is affirmed or affirmed but modified, interest on the amount of the judgment in the district court that does not exceed the amount of the judgment in the county court shall run from the date of entry of the judgment appealed from the county court.

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