25-2732. Testimony; preservation; bill of exceptions; cost.

(1) Testimony in all civil and criminal cases in county court shall be preserved by multi-track recorders, but the court may order the use of a court reporter in any case.

(2) Standards for equipment for recording testimony and rules for using such equipment shall be prescribed by the Supreme Court. Such standards shall require that the equipment be capable of multiple-track recording and of instantaneous monitoring by the clerk or other court employee operating the equipment.

(3) The transcription of such testimony, when certified to by the stenographer or court reporter who made it and settled by the court as such, shall constitute the bill of exceptions in the case. The cost of preparing the bill of exceptions shall be paid initially by the party for whom it is prepared.

(4) The procedure for preparation, settlement, signature, allowance, certification, filing, and amendment of a bill of exceptions shall be governed by rules of practice prescribed by the Supreme Court.

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