25-2731. Appeal; transcript; contents; clerk; duties.

(1) Upon perfection of the appeal, the clerk of the county court shall transmit within ten days to the clerk of the district court a certified copy of the transcript and the docket fee, whereupon the clerk of the district court shall file the appeal. A copy of any bond or undertaking shall be transmitted to the clerk of the district court within ten days of filing.

(2) The Supreme Court shall, by rule and regulation, specify the method of ordering the transcript and the form and content of the transcript.

Source:Laws 1981, LB 42, § 4; Laws 1984, LB 13, § 22; Laws 1986, LB 529, § 14; Laws 1988, LB 352, § 24; R.S.Supp.,1988, § 24-541.04; Laws 2018, LB193, § 47.
Operative Date: July 19, 2018