25-2154. Satisfaction or payment; certificate; delivery to register of deeds; duties of clerk of district court; fee of register of deeds.

In all cases of foreclosure of mortgages in the several counties in the state, it shall be the duty of the clerk of the district court, on the satisfaction or payment of the amount of the decree, to forward to the register of deeds a certificate setting forth the names of parties, plaintiff and defendant, descriptions of the premises mentioned in the decree, and the book and page where the mortgage foreclosed is recorded. For such certificate the clerk of the district court shall collect the fee required pursuant to section 33-109 for recording the certificate. Such amount shall be taxed as part of the costs in the case, and such sum shall be paid to the register of deeds as the fee for recording the certificate.

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Note: The Revisor of Statutes has pursuant to section 49-769 correlated LB152, section 1, with LB268, section 2, to reflect all amendments.