25-2144. Sale of premises; by whom made; liability and compensation of sheriff; postponement of sale; notice.

(1) All sales of mortgaged premises under a decree shall be made by a sheriff or some other person authorized by the court in the county where the premises or some part of them are situated. In all cases where the sheriff makes such sale, he or she shall act in his or her official capacity, shall be liable on his or her official bond for all his or her acts therein, and shall receive the same compensation as is provided by law for like services upon sales under execution.

(2) The sheriff or other person conducting the sale may, for any cause he or she deems expedient, postpone the sale of all or any portion of the real property from time to time until it is completed, and in every such case, notice of postponement shall be given by public declaration thereof by the sheriff or such other person at the time and place last appointed for the sale. The public declaration of the notice of postponement shall include the new date, time, and place of sale. No other notice of the postponed sale need be given unless the sale is postponed for longer than forty-five days beyond the day designated in the notice of sale, in which event notice thereof shall be given in the same manner as the original notice of sale is required to be given.

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