25-21,255. Terms, defined.

For the purposes of sections 25-21,254 to 25-21,264:

(1) Environmental audit means any document dated and labeled as a confidential environmental audit and prepared pursuant to a specific written directive to review compliance with an environmental requirement or requirements, including any report, finding, communication, or opinion or any draft of a report, finding, communication, or opinion, related to and prepared as a result of a voluntary self-evaluation that is done in good faith;

(2) Environmental requirement means an environmental protection requirement contained in (a) the Environmental Protection Act, the Integrated Solid Waste Management Act, the Nebraska Chemigation Act, the Pesticide Act, the Petroleum Products and Hazardous Substances Storage and Handling Act, or federal law, a rule or regulation adopted and promulgated pursuant to such acts or laws, a permit or order issued pursuant to such acts or laws, or an agreement entered into or court order issued pursuant to any of the foregoing or (b) an ordinance or other legally binding requirement of a local governmental unit under authority granted by state or federal law relating to environmental protection;

(3) Person means any individual, partnership, limited liability company, association, public or private corporation, trustee, receiver, assignee, agent, municipality, other governmental subdivision, public agency, other legal entity, or any officer or governing or managing body of any public or private corporation, municipality, governmental subdivision, public agency, or other legal entity; and

(4) Voluntary self-evaluation means a self-initiated assessment, audit, or review, not otherwise expressly required by environmental requirements, that is performed by any person for himself, herself, or itself, either by an employee of such person assigned the responsibility of performing such assessment, audit, or review or by a consultant engaged by such person specifically for the purpose of performing such assessment, audit, or review to determine whether such person is in compliance with environmental requirements.

Source:Laws 1998, LB 395, § 2; Laws 2016, LB712, § 1.

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