Nebraska Revised Statute 25-21,213

Chapter 25


Appeals; procedure; notice of appeal by state; effect.

Appeals from the several district courts to the Court of Appeals or to the Supreme Court in cases concerning constitutional issues, as in other civil cases, may be taken by either party within the same limitations of time as in other civil actions. No appeal or supersedeas bond shall be required of the state, and the filing of notice signed by the Governor, chief officer of the proper department, Attorney General, or counsel for the state of intention to take such proceedings shall operate as a supersedeas of such judgment until the time that final judgment in the Court of Appeals or Supreme Court is rendered in the cause, but the same shall not so operate longer than six months unless proceedings in error or appeal are taken, and in case of the affirmance of such judgment or failure on the part of the state to take proceedings in error or appeal, after notice thereof, interest shall run and be computed on such judgment from its date.


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