Nebraska Revised Statute 25-21,132

Chapter 25 Section 21,132


Ouster, judgment of; costs.

If the defendant is found guilty of unlawfully holding or exercising any office, franchise or privilege, or if a corporation is found to have violated the law by which it holds its existence, or in any other manner to have done acts which amount to a surrender or forfeiture of its privileges, judgment shall be rendered that such defendant be ousted, and altogether excluded from such office, franchise or privilege, and also that he pay the costs of the proceedings.


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  • Right to do business in state may be revoked in quo warranto by Attorney General against foreign corporations. State ex rel. Spillman v. Central Purchasing Co., 118 Neb. 383, 225 N.W. 46 (1929).

  • Corporation formed by licensed physician to make contracts for services of members is not subject to ouster. State Electro-Medical Institute v. State, 74 Neb. 40, 103 N.W. 1078 (1905).

  • Supersedeas is discretionary, and denial is not reviewable. Gandy v. State, 10 Neb. 243, 4 N.W. 1019 (1880).

  • Ouster of foreign corporation in quo warranto by Attorney General in state court upheld as against collateral attack by corporation in federal court. Brictson Mfg. Co. v. Close, 25 F.2d 794 (8th Cir. 1928).