25-1903. Petition in error; filing; summons; contents; service, when returnable; cause, when triable.

The proceedings to obtain such reversal, vacation or modification shall be by petition entitled petition in error, filed in a court having power to make such reversal, vacation or modification, setting forth the errors complained of, and thereupon a summons shall issue and be served, or publication made, as in the commencement of an action. A service on the attorney of record in the original case shall be sufficient. The summons shall notify the adverse party that a petition in error has been filed in a certain case, naming it, and shall be returnable on or before the first day of the next term of court, if issued in vacation, and twenty days before the commencement of the term; if issued in term time, or within twenty days before the commencement of the term, it shall be returnable on a day named in said summons. In all cases in the Supreme Court, if a case be docketed twenty days or more before the next succeeding term, it shall stand for hearing at said term. If less than twenty days intervene, the cause shall not stand for trial, except by consent of all the parties thereto, until the second term after the docketing of said cause, except causes brought before the court in the exercise of its original jurisdiction.

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