25-1629.02. Juror qualification form; failure to return; effect; contempt of court.

Any prospective juror who fails to return a completed juror qualification form as instructed shall be directed by the jury commissioner to appear before him or her to fill out the juror qualification form. At the time of the prospective juror's appearance for jury service or at the time of any interview before the court or jury commissioner, any prospective juror may be required to fill out another juror qualification form, at which time the prospective juror may be questioned with regard to his or her responses to questions contained on the form and grounds for his or her excuse or disqualification. Any information thus acquired by the court or jury commissioner shall be noted on the juror qualification form.

Any person who knowingly fails to complete and return or who willfully misrepresents a material fact on a juror qualification form for the purpose of avoiding or securing service as a juror shall be guilty of contempt of court.

Source:Laws 1979, LB 234, ยง 13.