25-1627.01. Jury list; counties having less than 3,000 inhabitants; two key numbers; additional key numbers; when.

In counties having a population of less than three thousand inhabitants, the jury commissioner shall select two key numbers or such larger number of key numbers as the district judge or judges may order instead of only one, and all the provisions of sections 25-1627 and 25-1628 shall apply to the selecting, recording, and use of such numbers in making up the key number list. In other counties having a population of three thousand inhabitants or more, where experience demonstrates that the use of only one key number does not produce a list of names of sufficient number to make the system of practical use, the district judge or judges of such counties may, in their discretion, order the selecting of two key numbers as herein provided for.

Source:Laws 1953, c. 72, § 8(2), p. 229; Laws 1955, c. 90, § 3, p. 266; Laws 1979, LB 234, § 8.