25-1562. Exempt wages; interstate business; violation of sections; evidence.

In any proceeding, civil or criminal, growing out of a breach of sections 25-1560 and 25-1561 or either of them, proof of the institution of a suit or service of garnishment summons by any person, firm or individual, in any court of any state, or territory, other than this state, or in this state to seize by process of garnishment or otherwise, any of the wages of such persons as defined in section 25-1560 shall be deemed prima facie evidence of an evasion of the laws of the State of Nebraska and a breach of the provisions of such sections on the part of the creditor or resident in Nebraska causing the same to be done.

Source:Laws 1889, c. 25, § 3, p. 370; R.S.1913, § 8109; C.S.1922, § 9045; C.S.1929, § 20-1563; R.S.1943, § 25-1562.