25-1530. Foreclosure; redemption of land from levy and sale; rights of mortgagor; terminated, when.

(1) The owners of any real estate against which a decree of foreclosure has been rendered in any court of record, or any real estate levied upon to satisfy any judgment or decree of any kind, may redeem the same from the lien of such decree or levy at any time before the sale of the same shall be confirmed by a court of competent jurisdiction by paying into court the amount of such decree or judgment together with all interests and costs. If such real estate has been sold to any person not a party plaintiff to the suit, the person so redeeming the same shall pay to such purchaser twelve percent interest on the amount of the purchase price from the date of the sale to the date of redemption or deposit the same with the clerk of the court where the decree or judgment was rendered.

(2) Subject to the right of redemption under subsection (1) of this section and the confirmation of the sale under section 25-1531, all right, title, interest, and claim of the mortgagor and his or her successors in interest, and of all persons claiming by, through, and under the mortgagor and his or her successors in interest, in and to the property sold, including all such right, title, interest, and claim in and to such property acquired by the mortgagor or his or her successors in interest subsequent to the execution of the mortgage, shall be deemed terminated as of the time the sheriff or master commissioner accepts the highest bid at the sale.

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