25-1004. Attachment; order; contents; service; manner.

The order of attachment shall (1) require the sheriff to attach the lands, tenements, goods, chattels, stocks, or interest in stocks, rights, credits, money, and effects of the defendant in his or her county not exempt by law from being applied to the payment of the plaintiff's claim, or so much thereof as will satisfy the amount stated in the order of attachment; (2) inform the defendant of his or her right to obtain redelivery of the property attached by executing a redelivery bond in accordance with sections 25-1009 and 25-1024; and (3) inform the defendant of his or her right under section 25-1040, to move to discharge the attachment after service of the order upon him or her and of the plaintiff's obligation under section 25-1041, to prove the grounds upon which the attachment order was issued by a preponderance of the evidence if such a motion to discharge is made.

The order of attachment shall be directed and delivered to the sheriff and shall be served on the defendant in any manner authorized by statute for service of a summons.

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