Nebraska Revised Statute 25-10,100

Chapter 25


Failure to furnish bond; duty and liability of officer; return of property to defendant.

If the undertaking required by section 25-1098 is not given within twenty-four hours from the taking of the property under said order, the sheriff or other officer shall return the property to the defendant. If the sheriff or other officer delivers any property so taken to the plaintiff, his agent or attorney, or keeps the same from the defendant, without taking such security within the time aforesaid, or if he takes insufficient security, he shall be liable to the defendant in damages.


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  • Where bond is not given in twenty-four hours, it is duty of officer to return property to defendant. Barlass v. Braash, 27 Neb. 212, 42 N.W. 1028 (1889).

  • Officer need not accept nonresidents of county as sureties. State ex rel. Sornborger v. Wait, 23 Neb. 166, 36 N.W. 380 (1888).