23-415. Chief deputy or deputy; removal; effect on salary.

Notwithstanding any other provision of the County Civil Service Commission Act, any person who holds the position of chief deputy, or deputy if there is not more than one deputy in the office, may be removed by the elected officer from the position of chief deputy or deputy without cause, but such person shall, if he or she has been an employee of the county for more than two years prior to the appointment as chief deputy or deputy, have the right, unless discharged or demoted as provided in sections 23-411 and 43-412, to remain as a county employee at a salary not less than eighty percent of his or her average salary during the three preceding years.

Source:Laws 1971, LB 921, § 14; Laws 2018, LB786, § 13; R.S.Supp.,2018, § 23-2514; Laws 2019, LB411, § 15.
Operative Date: September 1, 2019