23-3636. County board; prepare statement; contents; approval; provide to applicants; signed acknowledgment.

Prior to the date upon which the county adopts its resolution of intent to develop a sewerage disposal system and plant or plants pursuant to section 23-3605, the county board shall cause to be prepared a brief statement outlining the procedures set forth in the County Industrial Sewer Construction Act and the methods by which the county will exercise its authority to enforce the procedures so as to fully inform an owner of real property who may seek to plat such property for the eventual construction thereon of structures to be used for residential purposes and who may apply for connection of such lots or structures to the proposed county sewerage disposal system and plant or plants. At the time of the adoption of the resolution of intent pursuant to such section, the county board shall consider and approve the statement. On and after the date of such approval, the county board shall instruct the appropriate county official to inform all applicants to the county for the approval of a plat of the provisions of the act by providing them with a copy of the statement. The county official providing the statement shall obtain a signed acknowledgment from the applicant that he or she has received a copy of such statement. No application for a plat shall be accepted until the appropriate county official has received a copy of such signed acknowledgment.

Source:Laws 1994, LB 1139, ยง 36.