23-358.01. Control service; availability; payment.

It is the intent of sections 23-358 to 23-361 and 81-2,236 that animal damage control service shall be available to every individual citizen or group of citizens of the state and that employment of such service shall be initiated by the individual or individuals desiring the control of the animals, birds, or wildlife listed in section 23-358 which are causing a problem for such individual or individuals.

In order to support the cost of managing and controlling the animals, birds, or wildlife listed in section 23-358, each county shall match funds supplied by any resident individual or group of individuals either living within the county or owning property therein, up to a maximum of one thousand dollars annually for any specific animal damage control program, and may furnish such additional money as the county board shall deem necessary for the funding of such programs. The county board of each county is authorized to make necessary expenditures from the general fund of the county, except that the portion supplied by each county shall not exceed fifty percent of the total animal damage control program cost, unless such county elects to bear the entire program cost under sections 23-358 to 23-361. The total animal damage control program portion paid by the individual user or users may include, but shall not be limited to, any funds levied under section 23-361 by each county board, but nothing in this section shall be construed to exempt any user from a general levy made by the county board under section 23-360.

A county desiring to cooperate with another county or counties for the establishment of animal damage control services as are set forth in sections 23-358 to 23-361 may enter into agreements and match funds for the establishment of an area program with the state or federal government pursuant to the terms and limitations set forth in section 81-2,236.

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