23-3504. Board of trustees; powers and duties.

The board of trustees:

(1) May purchase or lease a site for a facility established under section 23-3501 and provide and equip any building deemed necessary to fulfill the facility's mission;

(2) May accept property by gift, devise, bequest, or otherwise and may carry out any conditions connected to the receipt of any gift, devise, or bequest;

(3) May sell, lease, exchange, encumber, or otherwise dispose of a facility or any other property under the control of the board of trustees upon a concurring vote of a majority of the board of trustees. If such sale, lease, exchange, encumbrance, or disposal is of all or substantially all of the facility or property, the sale, lease, exchange, encumbrance, or disposal shall also be approved by the county board;

(4) May borrow money on an unsecured basis or secured by the facility and revenue of the facility for the purposes of initially financing or refinancing the construction, improvement, maintenance, or replacement of the facility or equipping the facility and acquiring other property or for any other purpose deemed appropriate by the board of trustees. Any issuance of revenue bonds for which the revenue of the facility has been pledged shall be subject to approval by the county board;

(5) Shall have exclusive control of the expenditures of all money collected to the credit of the fund for any such facility;

(6) Shall have exclusive control over any and all improvements or additions to the facility and equipment, including the authority to contract for improvements, additions, equipment, and other property. If any such improvement or addition to the facility costs more than fifty percent of the current replacement cost of the facility, the improvement or addition shall also be approved by the county board;

(7) Shall have exclusive control, supervision, care, and custody of the grounds, rooms, buildings, and other property purchased, constructed, leased, or set apart for the purposes set forth under section 23-3501;

(8) Shall have the authority to pay all bills and claims due and owing by the facility and the salaries of all employees of such facility;

(9) Shall have the authority to expend hospital operating funds for recruitment and reimbursement of the reasonable expenses of any person interviewed or retained for employment or for medical staff appointment at the facility;

(10) May authorize the delivery of any additional health care service, ambulance service, assisted-living or independent living service, or other ancillary service deemed by the board to be necessary for the betterment of the health status of the residents of the county;

(11) May control, own, and operate clinics and health care facilities both within and outside the county; and

(12) Is granted all other powers and duties necessary for the management, control, and governance of a facility, including, but not limited to, any applicable powers and duties granted to any board under Nebraska law relating to nonprofit corporations, except as otherwise provided in this section or section 23-3505.

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