23-348.01. Inventory of real property; filing; contents.

Within two calendar months after the close of each fiscal year, each county board shall make, or cause to be made, acknowledged under oath, and filed with the county clerk of such county, an inventory statement of all real estate and real property in which such county has any interest of any kind. Such inventory shall include all real estate owned by the county or in which the county has an interest or lien of any kind including liens acquired by operation of law for any purpose except real estate tax liens which have not been established by judicial decree and except those parcels of land owned by the county for road rights-of-way and other utility rights-of-way. Such inventory shall set forth a description of such properties with sufficient details that the property may be identified in the records of the register of deeds, and shall set forth, if within an area in which the property abuts upon a street, the street and street number of such property and shall set forth the use being made of such property. The county clerk shall retain such inventory for filing as a public record in his or her office in a manner convenient for reference.

Source:Laws 1972, LB 1382, § 8; Laws 1981, LB 41, § 2.