23-2905. District; petition; requirements.

Whenever a majority of the resident taxpayers of any such district, territory, neighborhood, or community intends or desires to form, organize, and establish a community building district which will be empowered to acquire and maintain a community building or buildings for the purposes set forth in section 23-2901 when the organization thereof is completed, they shall signify such intention or desire by presenting to the county board of the county in which the greater portion of the land proposed to be included in such district is situated a petition setting forth the desires and intentions of such petitioners. Such petition may be in the form of two or more separate petitions which read substantially the same except for the different signatures and addresses thereon. Such petition shall contain the full names and post office addresses of the petitioners, a statement of the area in square miles, and the complete description of the boundaries of the real properties to be embraced in the proposed district. When such proposed district includes any municipality, the petitions must be signed by a majority of the resident taxpayers within such municipality and by a majority of the resident taxpayers outside such municipality and within the boundaries of the proposed district.

Source:Laws 1977, LB 29, ยง 5.