23-2535. Terms, defined.

For purposes of sections 23-2534 to 23-2544:

(1) Appointing authority shall mean officials and appointed department directors authorized to make appointments in the county service;

(2) Classified service shall mean the positions in the county service to which sections 23-2534 to 23-2544 are made applicable;

(3) County board shall mean the board of county supervisors or board of county commissioners of a county with a population of less than one hundred fifty thousand inhabitants;

(4) County personnel officer shall mean the employee designated by the county board to administer a program adopted pursuant to sections 23-2534 to 23-2544;

(5) Department shall mean a major functional unit of the county government headed by an official or established by the county board;

(6) Deputy shall mean an individual who serves as the first assistant to and at the pleasure of an official;

(7) Lay member shall mean anyone not employed by the county or acting on its behalf other than a member of the personnel policy board; and

(8) Official shall mean an officer elected by the popular vote of the people or a person appointed to a countywide office.

Source:Laws 1994, LB 212, ยง 2.