23-2518. Terms, defined.

For purposes of the County Civil Service Act:

(1) Appointing authority means elected officials and appointed department directors authorized to make appointments in the county service;

(2) Board of county commissioners means the board of commissioners of any county with a population of one hundred fifty thousand or more but less than four hundred thousand inhabitants as determined by the most recent federal decennial census;

(3) Classified service means the positions in the county service to which the act applies;

(4) County personnel officer means the employee designated by the board of county commissioners to administer the act;

(5) Department means a functional unit of the county government headed by an elected official or established by the board of county commissioners;

(6) Deputy means an individual who serves as the first assistant to and at the pleasure of an elected official;

(7) Elected official means an officer elected by the popular vote of the people and known as the county attorney, public defender, county sheriff, county treasurer, clerk of the district court, register of deeds, county clerk, county assessor, or county surveyor;

(8) Internal Revenue Code means the Internal Revenue Code as defined in section 49-801.01;

(9) Political subdivision means a village, city of the second class, city of the first class, city of the primary class, city of the metropolitan class, county, school district, public power district, or any other unit of local government including entities created pursuant to the Interlocal Cooperation Act or the Joint Public Agency Act. Political subdivision does not include a contractor with the county;

(10) State means the State of Nebraska;

(11) Straight-time rate of pay means the rate of pay in effect on the date of transfer of employees stated in the resolution by the county board requesting the transfer; and

(12) Transferred employee means an employee of the state or a political subdivision transferred to the county pursuant to a request for such transfer made by the county under section 23-2518.01.

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